What To Pack First When Moving?

Are you having trouble deciding where to begin when moving? These are some moving tips to help you get started.

The least used room: You can keep your daily life normal by starting with the rooms you use least. The most difficult room to pack: Start the journey early. Start in the most difficult rooms first to ensure that you aren’t too exhausted or stressed during the last days before your move.


Let’s take these two points into consideration and see where we can start packing for a move:


  • Garage and basement, attic, and closet: It can take time to pack and sort storage areas. These areas should be addressed first. These areas can often be overlooked because people underestimate the time it takes. It is important to plan ahead!
  • Unoccupied Rooms: If you live in a home that has rooms that aren’t being used, such as guest rooms, these rooms should be on your priority list. This is especially true if the room serves as storage.
  • Kitchen: The majority of kitchens are filled with a surprising number of items. It takes time to pack fragile items. Many kitchenware items are well-hidden in cabinets or drawers, which can cause chaos just before the move day.

Keep an eye out for our Kitchen Packing Tips If you have any questions, please let us know. You will find it very helpful to read the steps and follow them for an easy move.


  • Living Room: It’s understandable that you want to pack the living room last for moving. After all, it is the most enjoyable room in your house. You can forget about the fun stuff and start to think about the different styles of cabinetry such as china cabinets, bookcases, buffets, television stands, and entertainment center contents.
  • Bedroom: Expect to spend a lot of time packing and sorting your clothes and bedding. This is why we consider this the most important area.
  • Bathroom: Your bathroom should be packed last before you pack up to move. It is important because everyone needs a bathroom.

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